Look around you. I mean, really stop your thought processes for a moment, blank out your chattering mind, wipe your inner slate clean. Pretend that you don’t know anything about anything. Imagine you are seeing the world around you for the very first time. Just like a baby.

You have no references; you don’t already know what any of this is that you are seeing. Scan your surroundings closely. You are in a ‘forest,’ but you don’t know what a ‘forest’ is. You see big shapes and small shapes.. You see colors, lots of greens, browns, yellows, grays; splashes of red and orange; purple and white. You see movement… a clear liquid moving down the valley, rolling and splashing over rocks and roots and moss. More movement in the air… insects, birds, leaves falling to the ground.

Can you truly perceive it? The essence of it? All of what you see… existing and working together… a unified Whole, with no words available to describe any of it. You simply take it all in, the magnificence of it all. And you, immersed completely in this, not in any way separate from it. You and everything you perceive are One Movement.

Are you able to experience this? As you did when you were a newborn baby?

We live in an amazing reality. One overarching reality with infinite sub-realities available for us to perceive and investigate. This One reality, including all animate and inanimate life on this planet, is itself constructed of infinite layers of energy, substance, activity. All working and evolving together in a seamless Whole, a seamless Unity. Around you. In you. Through you. As you evolve with it.

Let’s explore what it is to experience and comprehend this One reality, using this body and mind we each have. Let’s discover how to optimize the health of this body, with respect to the One, so that our body may perceive, imagine and express to its full potential.

Let’s explore the mind we each have, how it works. Let’s investigate how we perceive our reality, how it often distorts perception, and why we impose so many unnecessary limitations on ourselves.

Let’s explore the soul within each of us, its purpose and its influence in the direction of our lives. Let’s contemplate what our lives are about, why we are here experiencing this oneness, so that our spirit may expand and soar to heights we can barely imagine.

Purpose of this Website

I have created this website for several reasons. The primary reason is to write about things that I find extremely fascinating, liberating, and have been very beneficial in my life. Second is to pass along whatever knowledge and wisdom I have gained over all these years to anyone who is interested. Third is to have some fun. Perhaps I can shed some light on important questions you may have, and provoke you to ask deeper ones.

What I intend to do with this website is to explore the common patterns and processes at work in natural health care, freedom/liberty/personal sovereignty, and spiritual awakening into Enlightenment. If you are someone strongly interested in Truth, I want to show you that there is a very similar underlying process at work in all three of these areas, and once you see it, a lot of your questions are instantly answered. Doubts fall away. Hesitancy disappears. The Way forward becomes much clearer. Your ability to get maximum benefit from your pursuit of these most important human endeavors is dramatically increased.

It’s an amazing and thrilling journey to arrive at a deeper transcendent understanding of the important things in life. It can be a very rough climb at times, but the views along the way are spectacular. Once you reach the summit, it all clicks into place. Answers become unnecessary and irrelevant because your questions have disappeared. Looking out from the summit you breathe it all in. Profound peace, clarity and understanding prevail… feelings and knowledge that you previously could not have imagined.

Yet here you remain in mind, body and spirit. You make your way down, back into the world.

So yes… have a look around the website and see what catches your interest.
Thanks for stopping by.


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